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Waves, Shack, Beer, Sea Food and Goa

Shacks @ Candolim beach

Ideally it’s not the time you want to visit Goa, scorching heat can leave you dry and fry. But do we really care?? Come on..its Goa!!!

Peak season is between November to January, But end of march had relativity decent crowd and water sports to have fun and relax and get tanned. Sea will be less violent as monsoon hadn’t kicked. And mostly I believe that it’s not the destination, but the journey and with whom you are travelling. So Goa it is…!!!!

Four of us left Bangalore at 12 midnight. Though punter couldn’t make it due to last moment personal commitments, he was happy to lease his new Hyundai i20 without any fuss(Kind of him..I would have had second thoughts and third and fourth and….).

Let me quickly introduce the entourage.

  • Nitesh Sir – The one who was scared to go for paragliding and ending up doing it twice and nearly got us arrested at night(..kidding)
  • Divya Maam – The one who is always  blissful and had her first tryst with beer(..Open up mode)
  • Poul – The one who danced at all tunes and had a blast of fun flaunting her dresses.
  • I – The one who drives, ignites & erupts.


Its a drivers delight driving en-route to Goa. Firstly the six lane NH-4 where you put your engine to extremes and then the scenic Karwar route. Worth mentioning a one liner on a tempo traveller’s back body – ‘If you are Bad, Then I am your DAD’!!! lol:).

We reached Goa at 11:30 am and checked in to our hotel in candolim beach – Hotel Rising waves. I had already stayed there last time so getting it booked for lesser price was only a matter of few resonant nostalgic talks with the owner. After a quick freshening up session we headed to Calangute beach. Its Nitesh sir’s favourite chilling spot. We settled there till sunset. We had few dips on the waves and laid back in the shack. The heat was harsh so we took frequent dips in the water and of course chilling beer was the essence of the trip.

Poulamee and I

Poulamee and I

Divya maam & Nitesh sir

Divya ma’am & Nitesh sir

Shack…Waves…Beer…Sea food…Chat…and us!!!

Milestone : Meanwhile divya maam had her first full beer pint.

In the night, We had our dinner at the famous Infantaria. It was dull as it was little late. After that we headed to Baga beach and repeated the same calangute chilling theory. Baga is totally different from calangute in terms of crowd, restaurants and fun. Poulamee and I likes it because of the vivid night life and load music.

“Music Bajega Loud Toh Aunti Police Bula Legi,
Aunty Se Jake Kah Do Ye Party Yoon Hi Chalegi” – Core music theme at Baga.



Poulamee got herself fluorescent head bands(She get those every time we visit goa!!!) & convinced Divya maam too. By 2:30 am, girls started rubbing their eyes, though I and Nitesh sir’s were totally charged.(Correction – Nitesh sir is always charged!!!).

Milestone : Nitesh sir (after loading buckets of beer) was still conscious and knew exactly what he was doing.(very unlike him…)

Everyone was too tired from their office work and Goa trip came exactly at the right time. Next day was ‘Lazy Sunday’. We went to candolim beach. Things have changed so much there. I remember last time it was deserted. This time it was colourful. Lots of food joints, shacks, firangs and lovely white sand and vast beach.

Milestone : Prawn cocktail & chicken satay were added to the taste bud.


Shacks @ Candolim beach

Shacks @ Candolim beach

Poulamee wanted foot massage, so she pulled everyone into it. Trust me it was very relaxing. Last time I had missed on the water sports. So, I convinced all for water para gliding. After lots of truth and dare ceremony, Nitesh sir agreed to come with us. Strange irony that later he ended up doing twice. I wanted to surprise daredevil poulamee by convincing the paragliding guy to dip her once in the middle of the sea, but then thoughts of no food for weeks prevailed. 🙂

Off to paragliding

Off to paragliding

Milestone : Got my hands on the boat steering and manual gears.

Beating the heat

Beating the heat

Challenge accepted..!!

Challenge accepted..!!

Once done with the late lunch, we went straight to our hotel for a warm shower. By this time I was already tanned like hell. Late evening we had to give some time to the girls for shopping. As a token of being considerate I got a batman shorts from poulamee – One more added to the batman collection list(Only Batpod is missing…).

Night was at Baga with a more vibrant way. This time no protocol, no eyes rubbing, no systematic drinking and no relaxing. Queen soundtrack ignited poulamee who showed all her traditional to salsa moves and continued for the rest of the night. Divya maam joined her momentarily. Meanwhile Nitesh sir was making sure that he booze every beer in town down his throat, which eventually hit him later in a rather unusual way. When all 3 of us were down, Nitesh sir came up with his 4 bottle vodka moves. Driving back was tough controlling Mr High who was shouting his heart out at anyone visible. Not even police constables were spared(Lucky that he didn’t chased us..).We slept around 3:30 am and next day we had to drive back home.

Milestone : Poulamee tripped the light fantastic toe to possibly every variant tune.

The vast view

The vast view

Next morning we started late by 1 pm and decided to take the same route through karwar. Divya maam had her fasting so she was quite and contributing only with limited words. Nitesh sit thankfully was down b’coz of last night superman activities. Poulamee was in binary mode, either talking too much or slumbering. And meanwhile I had to make sure that I don’t sleep off while driving. Things were steady until just before tumkur one of the tire got busted. That killed half an hour of our time and we reached Bangalore by 1 am night. We dropped Nitesh sir and Divya maam at their place and speeded off to Bannerghatta where we live.

It was a relaxing trip with crazy moments. A trip with complete clarity. Thanks to punter for lending his car else driving would have been clumsy. Nitesh sir who rock in any form. Divya maam for been so cool headed and agreeable. My lovely wifey Poulamee for always been sporty and encouraging.

Milestone : Total mad fun accomplished.

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  1. i really like this post of yours:)
    Reminded me of my previous trips to Goa

    April 2, 2014
  2. Payal Ghosh #

    I again want to be in goa!! And ofcourse with you guys specially our dare devil polos:-)

    August 23, 2014

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